What if you had your own drive assistant?

That collects and analyzes your driving patterns, monitors your vehicle system and informs when to
change the oil.
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Save money by improving your fuel efficiency

The assistant registers your driving patterns and habits all the time. It will show how you shift the gears and what your average RPMs is. Additionally our Mywheels application will constantly monitor your average fuel consumption and will show if there is anything wrong with your vehicle before the check engine lights comes on.
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1. Plug in the adapter

The adapter plugs in directly into the vehicle computer diagnosis outlet that comes standard in all gas cars manufactured since1998 and diesels from 2002.

2. Mobile Application

Mywheels mobile application not only displays all the critical information about your vehicle performance but it also helps you keep track of your maintenance.

3. Learn more about your car.

Our special algorithm will make you feel like you just discover a new side to your car. Thanks to Mywheels, your will learn that your vehicle is capable of much more than driving. With all the information and date It will feel like a 21 century ultimate driving machine.

Take care of your vehicle maintenance.

Thanks to Mywheels application you will never again forget about your oil change, timing belt change, insurance payment or any maintenance service.

Take control of your maintenance expenses

Do you feel like you spend too much money on your vehicle repairs? Download Mywheels app for Free and keep track of all the services.

Control your driving habits

When you get in your car just turn on the app and start driving. Mywheels will register your route, driving patterns and vehicle performance. You will be able to look at the history and analyze when you were driving efficiently and when you were not.

Make your mechanic’s life easier

Monitor your vehicle performance regularly. We are providing you with the tools that will gather all the necessary date to keep your car efficient and healthy for years to come.



The main screen of our app will display your recent route, fuel consumption and service expense. Additionally we added a gauge that will tell you when to renew your insurance or schedule next service.

Vehicle monitoring system

Monitor your vehicle performance live. We are providing you with the most important data that can affect your car longevity.

Ride details

In the details of your ride you will see more than the map of your journey, including graphs of engine’s RPM, speed, temperatures and many more.

Computer Errors

Our app will find and notify you about any errors before the check engine light come on.. You will be able to erase the errors and check the service history. This will make you mechanic’s live much easier.



MyWheels Scanner

Mywheels scanner uses ELM327 Chipset. That’s the reason why it’s compatible with all the vehicles equipped with computer diagnostic standard plug OBD2. If you have a scanner already you don’t have to buy a new one to use Mywheels app. Use your existing one, download Mywheels app and start saving money today.

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Found an error in the app, want to propose a new feature or have an idea how to improve the system? We are always open to new ideas. Maybe you just want to have a coffee or a beer with us, because you are in Warsaw? Don’t hesitate to contact us!